HappyThoughts-Patience »

Today we’ve got an Angel card reading about Patience! We can all use that now and then. Twitter: @AffirmationTym

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Happy Thoughts-Trees »

Sharing some thoughts from Ram Dass today on trees & accepting people as they are. Twitter:@AffirmationTym

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Happy Thoughts-Nature »

It’s good to get outside and energise oneself in Nature, even if just for a short while!

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Happy Thoughts-Saving Grace »

What is your “saving grace” today? The thing that keeps your mind positive and uplifted!

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Happy Thoughts-Gandhi's Top Ten »

I found a very interesting article today! It is ‘The Ten Commandments According to Gandhi’.Very spiritual, very practical!

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Happy Thoughts-Order »

Today we’ve got an Angel card reading, The Angel of Order. I pulled this card today & instantly knew I had to share it with you! Twitter: @AffirmationTym

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Happy Thoughts-Faith »

This is a little poem about someone who was told he couldn’t do something…and of course, ..he did it!

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Happy Thoughts-The Power of Words »

Let’s look forward to watching the words that come out of our mouths and those that lurk in our minds. We’re in control! Twitter: @AffirmationTym

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Happy Thoughts-Pivotal Moment »

Is there one defining moment in our lives to take action to make a dream come true, or do we get many chances. Facebook page: PositiveAffirmationsAndAudioStories

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Happy Thoughts-Optimism »

Today we have an Oracle Card Reading-“Stay Optimistic”. Visit our blog on WordPress.com: PositiveAffirmationsAndAudioStories

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